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Pius XI Catholic High School

Address: 135 N. 76th St. (just off Bluemound Road)

Transportation: Pius XI High School os conveniently located in the center of the metropolitan Milwaukee area on 76th Street three blocks north of Interstate 94. A variety of transportation options are available including:

By car: Get on I-94 W. Follow I-94 W to S 68th St. Take exit 307A from I-94 W. Take W Stevenson St. to N 76th St.

By bus: Take Gold Brookfield Square bus West to Wisconsin and N76th stop #507. Turn left onto N 76th St. About a 10 min walk to your destination.

Orientation: TBD

Days/Hours of Volunteering: Students can find out specific days and times for service learning during the Service Learning Sign-Up Night. 

Description of Agency/Activities: Pius XI Catholic High School welcomes a diverse community of students into our care. Inspired by our Catholic values, we prepare our students for higher education and lean them toward lives guided by faith, driven by compassion, formed by scholarship, and prepared toe change the world.

The Pius XI Catholic High School experience is focused on robust learning with and from one another. The door is open to any students who want to be here and fully accept the challenges of mindful scholarship, self-advocacy, and critical consumption of knowledge to make sense of themselves and the world. The Pius XI Catholic High School experience is focused on one's moral leadership, to meaningfully discover and develop their God-given gifts to reduce suffering and increase compassion. We expect all to be positive difference makers. We immerse students in authentic, "real life" problems with a full complement of studies and experiences moving from theoretical to practical. We expect our graduates to be transformed; to be grounded in caring for one's self and for others, and to be receptive to God's will and ways. The pursuit of truth goes hand in hand with the pursuit of excellence. The Pius XI Catholic High School experience is focused on one's personal excellence believing that "Who you are" and "Why you are" are our over arching essential questions. Excellence means committing to being the best one can be; fully tapping into the capacities one is given' competing with oneself as well as setting substantive directional goals and great expectations. We must help discern and develop a student’s passion and purpose. We are called to plant these seeds. While we focus on a single ideology, we embrace and encourage diverse mythologies, acknowledging there are many pathways to God. The rich tapestry of one's faith formation enriches us all.

Student Role at Agency:

Resource Room Volunteers: Students doing Service Learning in resource rooms will assist students in school work in varying subjects. Students will also assist teachers that are overseeing the resource rooms.

After school Volunteers: Students doing service learning at the Pius High after school program will assist students with schoolwork or tutoring them in various subjects. Additionally, Service Learners may be asked to participate in or facilitate discussions related to social justice issues, in order to help broaden student understanding of these issues.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be orientation/training session prior to your service that will count towards your course hours requirement.

Commitment/Requirements: Following Orientation and Training, students working as Resource Academic Coaches are asked to commit 2-3 hours each week. Students committing to the program are expected to complete all orientation and training sessions, and meet when the resource rooms and times are assigned. Service Learners should be mindful of the hours commitment for their course, and may need to make arrangements with the site to serve additional hours if needed. Regular attendance is essential to this site. Thorough background checks will be conducted. Those agreeing to each semester of the academic year commitment for the program will also be required to have a reference check. Serving as an academic coach is a very serious commitment. This site is looking for students that are dedicated and who will have time to work with these valuable young people. Please do not sign up for this placement unless you can definitely make the one year commitment.



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Marquette University Service Learning
P.O. Box 1881
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1881

Phone Number: (414) 288-0250
Fax Number: (414) 288-3259

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