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Students can choose from the following 5 locations:

ALBA School:

Address: 1712 S 32nd St


By car: Head west on Clybourn towad N 16th St. Turn left onto 27th St. Turn right onto W Mitchell St. Turn left onto S 32nd St.

By bus:Take the Gold toward Brookfield Square. Get off at N35 and Wisconsin. Cross the street to stop #276 and take #35 toward Loomis. Get off at S35 and Mitchell. Walk 4 Minutes.

Lloyd Barbee Montessori School

Address: 4456 N Teutonia Ave


By car:Take N 17th St. Then take N 29th St to N Teutonia Ave. Drive to N Teutonia Ave

By bus: Take the #12 toward the 92nd Hampton. Get off at Teutonia and Congress. Walk one minute.

Ninety-Fifth St School

Address: 3707 N 94th W Metcalf Pl


By car: Take W Lisbon Ave to N Willis Pl. Continue on N Willis PL. Drive to W Metcalf Pl.

By bus: Take the BLU toward Fdl-National- To Park Pl/Liberty. Get off at Fon Du Lac and Capital. Cross the street to stop #6088. Take the #6 toward New Berlin Ind Express. Get off at Capital and N92. Walk 10 minutes.

Rodgers Street Academy

Address: 2430 W Rogers St.


By car: Head west on Clyborn toward N 16th St. Turn left onto N 27th St. Turn left onto W Rogers St.

By bus: Take the #14 toward Southridge. Get off at Forest Home and S20. Walk 10 minutes.

Siefert Elementary School

Address: 1547 N. 14th Street


By car: Head north on 14th St.

By bus: Take the #23 bus towards Calumet/Granville - Via Fond Du Lac-Nation at Wisconsin and N 14th St. Get off at N 17th and Walnut. Walk south on 17th St. Turn left on Galena St.


Days/Hours of Service: General days and times for service are Monday-Friday from 11am-1pm, some sites requite twice a week commitment. More information on specific days and times are available when students sing-up to work with the agency.

Description of Agency/Activities: Playworks is a national nonprofit organization that transforms schools by providing play and physical activity at recess and throughout the school day. Through our on-site direct service, Playworks restores valuable teaching time, reduces bullying, increases physical activity and improves the school and learning environment. Playworks teaches children to resolve their own conflicts that arise at recess and carry over to the classroom, improving school climate both on and off the playground. We help transform recess into a safe, fun and inclusive time that gets students active and engaged so they can return to the classroom focused and ready to learn.

Student Role at Agency: Students will assist the Playworks Program Coordinator (Coach) at an elementary school in creating a safe and inclusive playground and be a significant presence by organizing and playing games with 20+ kids. Students will encourage safe, healthy play and positive conflict resolution through role modeling and active participation. Students must love to play games and lead activities with kids and have the ability to model positive behavior. In addition, students will actively engage a diverse range of students in respectful and inclusive healthy play as they build rapport, trust and respect with students. There will also be opportunities to serve at Playworks special events on weeknights for additional service learning.



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