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Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF)

Address: 1015 N. 10th St. (10th and State)

Transportation: 10th St. to Wells and then to State (Located behind the court house)

Approximate Travel Time by Bus: Within walking distance

Approximate Travel Time by Car: 1 minute

Orientation: TBD

Days/Hours of Operation: Mondays and Tuesdays, 8:45am-10:45am; Thursdays, 12:45pm-2:45pm; Fridays, 12:45pm-2:45pm (females only)

Description of Agency: MSDF is a holding facility for probation/parole violators, operated by the Department of Corrections, Division of Adult Institutions. The mission of the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility is to provide detention, accountability, and programming to adult male felons in a safe secure institution, while being responsive to all criminal justice stakeholders and the community. This facility, while it is statutorily an adult institution, operates in a similar manner to that of a jail operation. Unlike a Department of Corrections institution, the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility accepts offenders 24 hours a day, much like a county jail. The facility has an intake booking/objective classification process closely resembling that of a county jail unlike other institutions where all offenders are sent to the Dodge Correctional Institution for Assessment and Evaluation. The Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility has a capacity of 1048 offenders. Of that number 800 beds are secure detention beds for men who have been on supervision in the community and violated conditions of supervision. Other offender groups include those in need of transportation to Dodge Correctional for processing into the State Prison System. There are also 210 additional beds that are part of an AODA inpatient program. The average stay in the general holding cells is 67 days. The average stay in the AODA program is 6 months.

Student Role in Agency: Students will tutor inmates in various subjects. This tutoring will be one-on-one, but supervised by the site supervisor and a prison guard. The inmates participating in the tutoring program are not required to do so, but simply wish to improve their education. Students will get excellent exposure to the criminal justice system.

Commitment: Orientation, plus 2-3 hours per week for the duration of the semester. This site requires a special commitment to be present every week at the specific time determined by the Service Learner and site contact at the beginning of the semester.

Unique features: Due to the nature of this placement, students will be supervised at all times by the site contact. Prison guards will also be present. At least two service learners will attend at the same time. Students will receive training from the site supervisor at orientation and an addition security training from prison staff. A background check is needed, so make sure to fill out all paperwork as soon as possible so as not to delay the start of your service. Students must dress professionally, no flip flops. When attending the site please remember NO CELL PHONES.


Contact Us

Marquette University Service Learning
P.O. Box 1881
1102 W. Wisconsin Ave. Room 303
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1881

Phone Number: (414) 288-0250
Fax Number: (414) 288-3259

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