Odyssey Health Care

Address: General office- 10150 W. National Ave. Suite #200, West Allis, WI 53227

Transportation: Service sites will vary. Students must have their own transportation to orientation, which is located at the general office. Service learners can arrange to do their actual service at a site that is closer to campus and accessible by bus.

Days/Hours of Operation: Days and times are flexible.

Description of Agency/Activities: Odyssey Health Care provides multidisciplinary (physical, emotional, and spiritual) support to patients with terminal illness and their families in home, hospital and extended care settings. The primary goal of Odyssey is to help those who are dying live each day to the fullest.

Student Role in Agency: Student will perform a variety of tasks in direct service to patients and their families; sites will vary. STUDENTS NOTE: You will be working with the terminally ill, dealing with death and dying throughout your service. Take some time to reflect whether this site is right for you. This site requires service learners to be relatively flexible with their schedules.

Student role is to provide companionship for the patient and respite for the care giver, and will include visiting, reading to patients, writing letters, running errands, or allowing family members the time to take care of personal business. Student may also be trained to provide grief counseling or become bereavement volunteers. Bereavement volunteers will be calling family members and mailing sympathy cards and letters.

There is also need for craft volunteers. These volunteers will be helping older people make craft.



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Marquette University Service Learning
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Phone Number: (414) 288-0250
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