Safe Streets of Milwaukee

Address: The Safe Streets Program has two Community Outreach offices, one on the Southside and one on the Northside: (Some of the work will be carried out in the community, outside the offices.) The Community Engagement portion of Safe Streets is directed by the Honorable Janine P. Geske, Distinguished Professor of the Law School.


Southside Office:

Northside Office:

Approximate Travel Times:

By Bus: Southside: 25 minutes+, Northside: 15 minutes

By Car: Southside: 10 minutes, Northside: 10 minutes

Orientation: TBA

Days/Hours of Operation: M-F: 9-5pm (Evening and/or Saturday shifts may be available depending on the semester). Hours for students are flexible and may be worked out with supervising Coordinators

Description of Agency/Activities: Milwaukee’s Safe Streets Project is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary initiative involving all sectors of the Milwaukee community. With a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Safe Streets is one of only a few pilot projects in the U.S. aimed at curbing gang violence and assisting violent offenders in returning to the community through a massive collaborative effort. The project works in the 2nd (south side) and 5th (near north side) police districts of Milwaukee.

The program employs two Community Prevention Coordinators who serve as the central points of contact in each district, facilitating referrals and community connections, resources and collaborative projects in neighborhoods in cooperation with law enforcement, probation and parole and numerous community and faith-based institutions. Marquette’s Community Coordinators, Ron Johnson (5th) and Paulina De Haan (2nd) bring tremendous combined experience, connections and expertise to their positions. Part of their duties in working directly in district neighborhoods is to conduct “Community Listening Circles”, from the Native American tradition of communities gathering together to respond to harm or conflicts in the community. Service learning students will have the opportunity to set up, promote and engage in a series of activities in either police district. Students will work directly with the Coordinators on the ground.

Student Role in Agency:

Spanish-speaking Placements:

English-speaking Placements:

Commitment: Students will need to commit to 2-4 hours a week (depending on the position). This placement may work best for students who have some flexibility in their schedules. This placement requires the student to be proactive and assertive. Students with good communication skills and an interest in community organizing work are encouraged to consider this placement.


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