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Marilyn Meyer Bratt, PhD, RN
Project Director/Primary Investigator
(414) 288-3840

Sandi Van Den Heuvel, MSN, RN
Project Coordinator
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SOAR-RN News Coverage!

SOAR-RN is a program focused on easing new nurses’ entry into rural acute care practice and building their professional competency in rural care delivery. Funded by Health Resources and Services Administration, through a three-year grant totaling $1,033,118, the program builds on the prior success of the Wisconsin Nurse Residency Program (2004-2011). Click here for more information.

The SOAR-RN Program will be a customized transitioning program designed to meet the specific needs of new rural nurses and the associated unique nursing skills and competencies of practicing in rural hospitals. Through the delivery of a year-long rural nurse residency program curriculum, training for educators, mentors and preceptors (face-to-face and online), the SOAR-RN program will provide a broad-based support system to guide new nurses’ transition process throughout the first 15 months of practice.

Building capacity within rural acute care hospitals to provide quality care is a key outcome of the SOAR-RN Residency Program. Specifically, this program is targeted towards:

This project involves partners in three states including the Rural Connection in Idaho, Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network and Ministry Health Care in Wisconsin as well as academic partners Boise State University, Illinois State University Mennonite College of Nursing, and Marquette University College of Nursing. November 2011 is the targeted date to launch the first element of the SOAR-RN program and enroll the first rural nurse residents in April of 2012.