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For more information please contact Wendy Volz Daniels

The Association of Social Welfare and Justice Students is an inclusive on-campus group that raises awareness about various topics in today's society. The purpose of our organization is to bring together a community of people interested in Social Welfare and Justice and those pursuing a SOWJ major/minor.


We are looking for new members to develop a strong base for the coming years to get Marquette students more involved in the Milwaukee community. We aim to help others fight against the disparities that arise in an urban environment to aid in the generation of a better city.


If there are any social awareness events in the area feel free to email us about it at so we can create an event and open it up to the entire campus for a greater effort.


The Association of Social Welfare and Justice Students focuses on an emphasis in social justice issues as well as helps with advancements in the field by bringing speakers to campus to explain different post grad career opportunities. We are a liaison between students and job/internship opportunities and connections beyond Marquette.


We also have meetings every month that are filled with various topics. The dates will be posted on here in order to help everyone better coordinate their schedules to make each meeting. You may also look at our other page Association of Social Welfare and Justice Students Marquette to see other posts about other topics that may not be mentioned on here.

If you are interested in receiving emails join us on the Marquette Involvement Link or contact us through our email previously mentioned.


Contact the Department of
Social and Cultural Sciences

Lalumiere Language Hall, Room 340
P.O. Box 1881
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Phone: (414) 288-6838 | Fax: (414) 288-6444