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Social Welfare and Justice Major

The Social Welfare & Justice major is a multidisciplinary major within the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences that looks at justice from anthropology, criminology and law, sociology and social work perspectives. Students can also minor in SOWJ or combine the SOWJ major with a major in anthropology, sociology or criminology and law studies. Students interested in a psychology major can also count psychology statistics and research courses toward the SOWJ major.


Social Welfare and Justice major consists of 30 credit hours including six required courses:



Students also need to take four electives from a variety of social welfare and justice courses offered by our full-time and part time faculty.


Additional credits received by participating in the Interdisciplinary Internship Program (SOWJ 4986) can be used toward the degree as one of the elective courses.


Electives toward SOWJ degree can also be taken from approved courses in anthropology,  sociology, and criminology and law studies.


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