What is Criminology and Law Society?

The Criminology and Law Society is a Marquette University approved student association comprised of CRLS majors.  Each year it elects its own board and leads its own meetings with the guidance of CRLS faculty. 


The group organizes guests speaker visits for people currently working in the criminal justice field.  The students meet about once a month during the school year and discuss topics concerning criminology and law such as CRLS courses, internship placements, and career opportunities.


Why join?

Students that join the organization are able to meet regularly with CRLS faculty, develop friendships with other students majoring in CRLS, and get a better sense of what opportunities are available for CRLS majors. Students that join the group also get to provide input on which visiting guest speakers they invite. Last and certainly not least, CRLS student group meetings provide free pizza!



    - Sharon Polakowski, Wisconsin Crime Lab - DNA    


    - Honorable Mary Triggiano, Milwaukee Court Judge

    - Sumeet Uttamchandani, FBI Agent

    - David Smetana, Pleasent Prairie Police Chief






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