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What can I do with anthropology degree?

Interest in anthropology is growing nationwide. From 1990 to 2008 the number of anthropology majors increased over 100%. Newsweek’s Career and Graduate School Guide lists anthropology as a career track that’s “up” and one of the “hot careers” of the future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects growth in available anthropology-related positions in the coming years. For example, National Public Radio reports that the World Bank is restructuring and plans to hire fewer economists and more anthropologists to make their projects more relevant and cost-effective.


Our own Anthropology majors leave Marquette well-prepared for graduate and professional schools. Others pursue careers in education, public health, international business, archaeology, human rights work, historic preservation, and more. They gain a rich perspective on both the universal threads that bind humans together and the rich tapestry of global cultural diversity. We emphasize engaged study of the past and present that informs on the challenges of a modern, global society.

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