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Student Feedback:

excerpts from social innovation course evaluations freshman through graduate students

Social Innovation courses available at Marquette.

"The content of this class changed me. It was exciting, new, engaging, and it captured my attention like very few things have in the past. Additionally, it opened my eyes to a network here at Marquette and provided supplements to the class itself. I feel like this class will be incorporated into the rest of my career at Marquette, as well as the path I take after Marquette."

"This class was absolutely incredible. As a first-semester freshman, it influenced my view of my own major and helped me pick a second major. I would recommend this class to everyone possible, although it takes a certain person to truly take away the message from the class."

"Social Innovation is the future of our generation and this class helped us develop problem-solving skills."

"This seminar was my favorite class of the semester because it really centered around real life. This seminar was interesting and provided a scope beyond Marquette and beyond myself. I would definitely take another class or seminar in the next level of Social Entrepreneurship if it were offered here. This seminar not only opened up opportunities for me but also made me look at education and my time at Marquette in a whole new light because it helped me realize how much I can do, even if it seems daunting, to make a difference."

"To me, this class what the epitome of why I came to Marquette and why I chose the honors program."

"This class gave me a whole new outlook on the world's problems and how to come up with effective solutions."

"This was a very valuable class that introduced new and valuable ideas to nonprofit management."

"I'm delighted Social Entrepreneurship was offered as an elective as it is a very important and progressive movement. I am surprised it is only offered as an elective, though, as opposed to core curriculum for Public Service students."

"Such an interesting topic that REALLY makes you think about the world in such a different way! LOVED this class!"

"A class like this validates my decision to attend MU grad school. It surpassed my expectations and ranks as one of the best classes I've taken so far in the program."

"This class seriously made me question my intended major [...] and made you think not just because you had to but because you wanted to."

Social Innovation courses available at Marquette.


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