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Midwest Social Innovation Start-Up Challenge is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to submit a business model that includes a social or environmental impact that makes the world a better place! The challenge is open to any ambitious team or individual who has an idea to create positive social change.

A select group of teams will be invited to pitch in Round 1 of the challenge. Winners of Round 1 (semi-finalists) receive cash, mentors, and summer workshops leading up to Round 2. Winners of Round 2 (finalists) receive additional cash to fund their social innovation start-ups.

And we promise not to forget about the fun! The challenge provides excellent networking and learning opportunities as events convene with business executives, funders, mentors, local entrepreneurs, and prominent national figures in social innovation.

The Midwest Social Innovation Start-Up Challenge is presented by the Marquette Social Innovation Initiative in collaboration with the Brady Corporation, The Business Journal, Cardinal Stritch University, Dell Inc., Greater Milwaukee Committee (MiKE), Johnson Controls, MIAD, MSOE, and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and parallels the national platform founded by Dell Inc. and the University of Texas – Austin.

Timeline and details

(stay tuned for our detailed 2014 timeline)

Jan. 2014: submissions open.

June 25 -27, 2014: Round 1 semi-finalist competition (Flying Car)

Summer 2014: mentoring and workshops for semi-finalist teams

August 2014: Round 2 finalist competition

About flying car

The Midwest Social Innovation Start-Up Challenge is one of many Flying Car Innovation events in Milwaukee, WI. Flying Car features Round 1 of the Start-Up Challenge and kicks-off summer mentoring and workshops to help teams prepare for Round 2.


Flying Car is an annual destination event that empowers innovators in all fields to make the future. Through inspiring presentations, hands-on demonstrations of the year’s brilliant inventions, and pitch competitions, FLYING CAR nurtures and launches world-changing ideas into the marketplace.

June 25 -27, 2014, Milwaukee, WI

Why Flying Car?
The notion of the “flying car” has been long been held up as the epitome of the future. When cars can fly, or so the tongue-in-cheek saying goes, mankind will finally have “arrived.” In the spirit of this future-focus, the Flying Car event presents the best in new technology that seems so much like fiction, but is actually now fact.

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