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Phone: (414) 288-7916
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Dr. Nowacek's teaching interests include classical and contemporary social theory, the sociology of law and social perspectives on environment issues.  His recent research focuses on early phases of human social development, especially those connected with the emergence of language, the self and the social fundaments of distinctively human reflective capacities.  


With his recent arrival at Marquette, David is organizing a new course on environmental issues to provide "insights from the social make sense of the ecological crisis and respond in an appropriate, Jesuit way to its challenges." The emerging, ecological side of the Jesuit mission enjoins Jesuit institutions -- especially educational institutions -- to lead the way in finding pathways towards more sustainable lifeways.  David's course will join campus-wide efforts to cultivate a more ecologically literate student body and involve students directly in making their own campus and surrounding community more ecologically sustainable.

Selected Publications

Nowacek, D. and R. Nowacek. 2008.  The Organic Foods System: Its Discursive Achievements and Prospects. College English, 70.4 (403-20). 

Jorgensen, B., D. Nowacek, R. Stedman, K. Brasier and D. Long.  2006.  People in a Forested Lake District.  In J. Magnuson & T. Kratz (eds.), Lakes in the Landscape. Oxford University Press: New York: 214-235.

Reed, Andersen, T., E. Bennett, B. Jorgensen, G. Lauster, D. Lewis, D. Nowacek, J. Riera, B. Sanderson and R. Stedman.  2000. Distribution of Recreational Boating across Lakes:  Do Landscape Variables Affect Recreational Use?  Freshwater Biology, 41:3 (439-48).      

Nowacek, D. and E. Nelson.  2009.  Improving Stormwater Infiltration: Some Practical Lessons. Environmental Planning Journal: The Newsletter of the Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy Division. 20.2 (16-20).


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