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The BIES specialization program requires completion of four academic courses:

Academic coursework for the BIES specialization may fulfill requirements toward the bachelor of science or master of science degree in speech-language pathology. Clinical practicum hours in Spanish also apply toward degree, ASHA certification and state licensure requirements. All course work is based on guidelines suggested by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for speech-language pathologists providing bilingual assessment and intervention.

Spanish Proficiency Requirements

A Spanish major is not required for admission to the BIES specialization program. However, students must demonstrate oral proficiency in Spanish prior to enrollment in clinical practicum in Spanish. Proficiency is established through a modified personal interview and speaking assessment conducted by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Details about the Oral Proficiency Interview are available here. A description of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for various proficiency levels can be found on the ACTFL website.

Course Descriptions

Offered through the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology:

SPPA 4610/5610 - Multicultural Issues for Speech-Language Pathologists
3 credits. Offered for undergraduate or graduate credit. The study of culture and communication in linguistically diverse populations, e.g., non-standard American English speakers, native Americans (with emphasis on Wisconsin native tribes), Asians, and Latinos. Includes L1 and L2 acquisition profiles and information pertaining to service delivery with non-native English speakers. United States' Latino population is emphasized. Students' knowledge and understanding of racism is explored. This course meets multicultural requirements for Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction licensing in speech-language pathology. Offered spring semester.

SPPA 6620 - Speech and Language Assessment in Bilingual Populations
3 credits. Study of the principles and techniques of assessing bilingual populations, with emphasis on the Spanish-English bilingual speaker. Instruction in formal and informal methods and strategies for assessing speech and language skills in children and adults. Offered fall semester.

SPPA 6630 - Speech and Language Intervention in Bilingual Populations
3 credits. Study of intervention approaches and techniques in the remediation of communication disorders in bilingual populations, with an emphasis on the Spanish-English bilingual speaker. Includes speech and language intervention techniques focusing on facilitating language for learning, language for communication, and the remediation of speech and language impairments in adults and children. Offered spring semester.

Offered through the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures:

SPAN 4120/5120 - Spanish Phonetics and Applied Linguistics
3 credits. Articulation of individual sounds and sound groupings, and patterns of tone and stress in the language of Spain and Spanish America. Offered fall semester. Prerequisite: SPAN 3001 or consent of department chair.


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