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The M.S. program in Speech-Language Pathology offers a Bilingual English-Spanish speicalization in speech-language pathology (BIES). This specialization program prepares speech-language pathologists who are proficient in Spanish to evaluate and treat communication disorders in Spanish and bilingual (Spanish-English) speakers.

Latinos are currently the fastest growing ethnic population in the United States; in turn, this has created an ever-growing need for bilingual speech-language pathologists. The BIES specialization in speech-language pathology provides students with the necessary training to become competent bilingual speech-language pathologists. Students graduating with master's degrees as well as a BIES specialization in speech-language pathology from Marquette University find extensive job opportunities nationwide, with potential for higher salaries as a result of their area of specialization.

Students enrolled in the BIES program are asked to satisfy a set of BIES Competencies that address language proficiency, normative processes, assessment and intervention skills, and cultural sensitivity.

Marquette's BIES specialization program in speech-language pathology is the only one of its kind in the Midwest.

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Contact Information for BIES Specialization & Establishing Proficiency in Spanish (in preparation for the BIES)

Steven Long Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor
Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology
Cramer Hall, 230J
(414) 288-5190


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