Strategic Plan Goal Stewards

Throughout the strategic planning process, the planning leadership team discussed options of how to best implement the long term strategic plan. After considering a possible long-term planning committee and other plan implementation structures, a “goal steward” model was selected to ensure the plan is implemented through the use of the normal operating structure of the university.

To be sure each goal is advanced and owned by the university community, each goal has been assigned to an individual who will serve as goal steward. Stewards were selected with the knowledge that in the performance of their normal leadership duties they will naturally be in a position to focus on one of the themes and goals. In selecting this model to guide implementation, the goals of the strategic plan will be integrated into the day-to-day life and operations of the university.

The goal stewards began their work July 1, 2013. Their role will be to link the goals and objectives to university operations. They will work collaboratively with the vice president of planning and colleagues across campus to gather input from key stakeholders to clarify and refine the objectives and tactics under their goal, identify metrics to track goal progress, begin implementation of one tactic during fiscal year 2014, and issue a progress report on their assigned goal every two months.

The seven individuals who have accepted the invitation to become goal stewards responsible for leading the Marquette community’s progress toward each of the six goals in the plan are:

  • Interim Provost Dr. Margaret Callahan – Academic Excellence for Human Well-being
  • Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp – Research in Action
  • Professor of Physical Therapy Dr. Lawrence Pan and Vice President for Public Affairs Rana Altenburg – Social Responsibility and Community Engagement
  • Vice President for Mission and Ministry Dr. Stephanie Russell – Formation of the Mind and the Heart
  • Vice President of Finance Chuck Lamb – Sustainability of Valuable Resources
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Beyond Boundaries

Branded Strategic Plan Document CoverApproved by Marquette's Board of Trustees in
May 2013, Beyond Boundaries: Setting the Course for Marquette's Future builds on the bold spirit that has always blessed Marquette University. In seeking to carry forward this tradition today, the university community collectively developed a clear vision of the qualities that must distinguish the Marquette of tomorrow. This strategic plan website was established as a vehicle for the campus community to learn about the strategic plan development and implementation process.