Summer Studies — something for every personality type.

You are a Balance-seeker. You want to even out your course load by taking one or more classes during summer when class sizes are smaller. You are an Overachiever. You know that adding a minor or second major will enhance your experience and improve your future opportunities. You are a Go-getter. You want to graduate sooner and get started on your career. You know that summer classes get you there faster. You are a Free Spirit. You take classes outside your major that interest you or to help you decide your major.

Marquette’s six-week accelerated summer program with more than 1,000 options has something for every personality type, including those we didn’t list.

Explore summer in Milwaukee

Pere MarquetteSo what about when you're not in class? Summer studies at Marquette also means summer fun in Milwaukee. The city bustles with activity when it's warm, providing no shortage of options when you want to spend some time away from the books.

For a student's perspective, check out Marquette Explores, a Tumblr blog by Marquette students about exploring the city around us.

In addition, Visit Milwaukee and Travel Wisconsin are great sources to find things to do in the area. Be sure to check off a few items from the "100 Things to Do Before You Graduate from Marquette" list.

Or see for yourself with the following list of popular things to do and see: