MUCTJ Award Winners Announced

2017 Faculty Course Development Grants

Dr. Louise Cainkar, Social and Cultural Sciences: "Research in Peace Studies: Islamic Immersion. Dr. Emily Lynch, Social and Cultural Sciences: "Everyday Life of Refugees."
Dr. Roberta Coles
, Social and Cultural Sciences: "War, Peace and Society."
Dr. John Pustejovsky
, Foreign Languages and Literatures: "Living with Hitler: Then and Since."

2017 Graduate Student Research Grants

Steven Vickers, Jr., master's program in history, for project on "Emotional Responses to Terror Campaigns in Ireland and Italy." As part of the project, he will be conducting archival research in Rome on the impact of the history of emotions on realizing justice and reconciliation in the face of political violence.

Dane DeVetter, master's program in international affairs, for project on "Refugee Access to Food Assistance in Milwaukee: Promoting Self-Sufficiency or Food Insecurity." As part of the project, he will be exploring the impact of Wisconsin's FoodShare Employment and Training Program (FSET) on patterns of food access and employment in the Milwaukee-area refugee community.

Past Event

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Wael Ghonim spoke at Marquette April 24, 2017.