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Weight lifting


Upper Body Functional Exercises

Select one exercise from each of the following 4 muscle groups for a comprehensive program. Most of these can be done alone with simple equipment such as a dumbbell (DB) or barbell (BB).

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Upper exercise

Upper Body Functional Exercises Forward Push (Horizontal Flexion, Adduction and Protraction)
Muscles Involved: Pectoralis Major, Triceps, Anterior Deltoid

Upper Body Functional Exercises - Backward Pull (Horizontal Extension /Abduction, Retraction)
Muscles Involved: Trapezius, Biceps, Posterior Deltoid

Upper Body Functional Exercises - Overhead Push (Abduction to Adduction, Upward Rotation and Elevation)
Muscles Involved: Deltoids, Triceps

Upper Body Functional Exercises - Overhead Pull (Adduction, Downward Rotation and Depression)
Muscles Involved: Latissimus Dorsi, Biceps


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