Looking Back: There was no way I was adding IT as another major.

Lisa Hensch Class of 2006, Data Privacy Specialist, GE Healthcare - Wauwatosa, WI

It's hard to believe that over 3 years ago I was sitting in Prof Ow's Intro to IT class nervously scribbling notes hoping that he didn't call on me to answer the next question. I'll never forget the day we got our first test back mine had a written message on it, "Welcome to IT!" I thought wow- Professor Ow is crazy... I am a Marketing major in my Junior year there is no way I am adding IT!

And so the battle began- it lasted all semester and into the summer. Professor Ow trying to convince me that IT was everywhere and it would be the skill set to make me stand apart from my classmates. A week into Senior year I lost my battle and became a double major, IT and Marketing.

Within months of changing majors I already had a job lined up at GE Healthcare where I would be joining the Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP). This would be great for me; it would help me become more technical, stretch my project management skills and best of all allow me to experience four different jobs within the IT field in my first two years out of college.

Now that I am graduating IMLP I can't believe how much I have experienced. I have led Global projects in SOX working with Finance teams, run International Trade Controls projects working with Supply Chain teams, been a Forensic Investigator working with Legal teams and been an application owner for a tool that is used in hospitals around the world.

As I settle into my new role as the IT Privacy Leader for GEHC I am amazed at how dynamic the IT profession truly is. It isn't just for those technical people that want to code all the time; don't get me wrong those individuals are definitely needed but IT is about leadership, management skills and the ability to turn a business need into a solution. It for those people who like to solve problems and who can communicate effectively with a team.

Adding an IT major has given me the chance to start a foundation for a career rather than just a job. It has given me a chance to work in multiple functions across the business and to truly challenge myself to continue learning. It has connected me with co-workers around the world and allowed me to experience their work environment first hand. Looking back I guess all of those long nights in the computer lab were worth the chance to climb the Great Wall while on a month training assignment in China.

I'll give you this one Professor Ow~ you were correct; adding IT opened the door to endless opportunities for me!