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The AMU is the place to work while attending Marquette! We have many types of jobs to choose from, many of which may directly relate to your major. But regardless of the position, the responsibility and experience gained from working at the AMU will only enhance your future career plans, while having fun and making new friends. Each role on the Union team helps to provide services needed by the Union users to make the AMU the University Community Center.

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PLEASE NOTE: This application is only for student jobs within the Alumni Memorial Union (AMU). If you're looking to apply for student positions elsewhere on campus, please visit Student Employment Services. If you're looking for full-time employment, please visit Human Resources.

For employment outside of the AMU

Administration/Financial Services Assistant

This position reports directly to the Coordinator of Administrative Services. Duties include organization of clerical services and assist with the application process for the AMU Student Employee Program. Recording financial activity for AMU and Auxiliary accounts including daily/weekly reconciliation and deposit of Annex Bowling and Gameroom/Brooks Lounge accounts.

AMU Orientation Leaders

AMU Orientation Leaders are responsible for conducting a set weekly New Student Employee Orientation session during the academic year to all AMU new hires. This includes, but is not limited to, providing an overview of the Alumni Memorial Union organizational structure, an introduction to departments and how they operate, a tour of the facilities and general review of AMU culture. AMU Orientation Leaders help to facilitate smooth transition into the AMU student employment program.

Annex Bartenders

Annex Bartenders report directly to the Annex Restaurant Management staff and Student Managers. Responsibilities include: waiting on customers with a high level of customer service, mixing alcohol and nonalcoholic drinks, operating all bar equipment, following all cash handling procedures, waiting tables, stocking, cleaning duties, running food, being a team oriented employee, and paying special attention to sanitation.

Annex Bowling Coordinators

Union Sports Annex Bowling Coordinators report directly to the Operations Coordinator and the student managers. Responsibilities include: staffing the bowling service counter, acting as hosts and serving customers for bowling and other needs. They are also responsible for operating registers, bowling programs, conducting cash audits, assisting in league and tournament play, general and finite cleaning and maintenance of bowling equipment, cleaning of the bowling center, and reporting any failures to the student managers or Operations Coordinator.

Annex Cook Staff

Annex Cooks report directly to the Annex Restaurant Management Staff and Student Managers. Responsibilities include: food runner, food expeditor, prep work, cleaning and sanitation, stocking, dishwashing, and must be able to work as a team, with the wait staff, bartenders, and managers to provide the highest quality of service to customers through food preparation, presentation, and speed of service. Annex cooks must pay close attention to speed of service through ticket time monitoring and also must assist in running food out to the customers.

Annex Wait Staff

Annex Wait Staff reports directly to the Annex Restaurant Management Staff and Student Managers. Their responsibilities include: greeting and seating customers, providing menu suggestions, taking orders, and working with the kitchen staff in preparation. Other tasks include serving food, handling cash, and responding to any complaints.

Assistant Building Managers

Assistant Building Managers report directly to the Assistant Director or the Building Supervisor and the ABM Student Manager, and advises them of potential security risks and problems. ABMs are responsible for setting up and straightening all public lounges, food service areas, and meeting rooms according to specifications set up by the reservations staff. ABMs also do other building maintenance work and other tasks which may include noting any emergency maintenance work which is required, and correcting the problem whenever possible, policing all areas, emptying trash if needed, and cleaning and replacing restroom supplies as necessary.

Audio-Visual Technician (A/V Tech)

The AMU Technical Services staff is responsible for the set up, operation & maintenance of the AMU Technical Services Inventory. This includes equipment housed in the AMU, Weasler Auditorium, Varsity Theatre, Union Sports Annex, & Al McGuire Center. Technical Services provides audio-visual reinforcement for everything from concerts, conferences, sporting events and theatrical productions. Student techs report directly to the Technical Services Coordinator and Technical Services Student Manager. Skills learned and used in this position include: live sound reinforcement, theatrical lighting design and various skills related to computing and data projection. 

Brew Cafe Staff - Barista/Cashier

Now hiring for barista/cashier positions. Brew Cafe is a system of five cafes around campus at the AMU, Raynor Library, Cudahy Hall, Straz Hall and Dental School. As a staff member, you have the opportunity to work in various locations and meet a diverse group of customers and co-workers. Staff report to the Brew management team which includes the Brew Cafe manager, supervisors, student managers and shift leads. Applicants should possess exceptional customer service skills and a genuine interest in learning about the coffee industry. Staff are expected to closely adhere to policies and procedures presented by the management team. Schedules are set for the semester and each staff person is responsible for their own shifts. Minimum weekly work hours are set at 8 hours per week, schedule permitting.

Brew Cafe Staff - Delivery Team

Now hiring delivery team position. Shifts are mid-afternoon and evening. Delivery team members are responsible for using carts, dollies and pallet jacks to transport goods to and from the loading dock, store room, and other campus locations. They receive, unpack and reconcile product received against product order guides. D-team members are also responsible for reviewing, packing and delivering requisitions to other campus locations. They must practice First In First Out (FIFO) product rotation and safe pushing, pulling and lifting techniques. They are tomaintain storage spaces (freezers, coolers, store rooms, loading docks and equipment) in a clean and orderly fashion, including sweeping, mopping, organizing product and wiping down shelving and equipment. Training as a barista/cashier is also required to diversify their skill set. Minimum weekly hours are set at 8 hours per week, schedule permitting.

Building Managers

Building Managers report directly to the Assistant Director and the Building Supervisors (BS). BM's aid the Building Supervisors in the supervision of the AMU. Responsibilities include: assisting the Building Supervisors in the opening and closing of the AMU, coordinating events, ensuring building security and safety, and basic cleaning and maintenance. In the absence of a BS, BM's assume those duties and responsibilities.

Catering Administrative Office Assistant

Catering Administrative Office Assistant will report directly to the Director of Catering and Catering Management. The Catering Department will also require assistance with Concessions and Lunda Room administrative duties. General responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: recording invoices, entering inventory, typing and organizing the scheduling, answering telephones, filing, and running campus errands. Other tasks include light book keeping and document creation on Microsoft Office. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, display professionalism and at all times and have previous administrative experience

Catering/Tory Hill Events Bartendar

The bartender will report directly to the Catering Management Staff & Tory Hill Management Staff. This position will be a bartending position between the two departments.  There may be weeks where the maximum amount of hours will be needed and weeks where no hours will be given.  Responsibilities include: waiting on customers with a high level of customer service, mixing alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, operating necessary bar equipment, following all cash handling procedures, staging your bars, re-stocking during shifts, cleaning duties, polishing glassware, being a team oriented employee, and paying special attention to sanitation.  The position will also be crossed trained to help with clearing tables, etc. during a served dinner; or anything else assigned by the manager.  Bartender license is required to be in this position.

Catering Event Assistant

The Catering Event Assistant will report directly to Catering Management, Student Managers, and Shift Leaders. The primary aspect of this position is providing an excellent experience through catered events utilizing exceptional customer service. General responsibilities are inclusive, but not limited to the following: preparing and setting up events, post event clean up; following food and physical safety guidelines, cleaning duties, bartending, serving sit down dinners, receptions, buffets and a wide range of catered events. Events are held on the Marquette Campus; to include outdoor events and buildings outside of the AMU. Candidates must be reliable, pay close attention to detail, display a positive and professional attitude, have exceptional time management and interpersonal skills and be able to adapt to change and work in a fast paced environment. Must be available 10 hours per week.

Catering Event Prep and Set Up

The Catering Event Prep position will report directly to the Catering Management Tea, Student Managers and Shift Leaders. The primary aspect of this position will be to effectively prepare, set up and perform side duties for the continued success of catered events. General responsibilities are inclusive, but not limited to the following; preparing and organizing necessary equipment for future events, setting tables and buffets, bringing catering equipment to events, making juice, polishing silverware, post event clean up, stocking, following food and physical safety guidelines and nightly and weekly cleaning duties. The candidates must be able to work in a fast paced environment, multi task, adapt to change, display professionalism at all times and present organizational skills. Must be available 10 hours per week.

Catering Prep Cook

The Catering Prep Cook will report to the Catering Executive Chef, Culinary Team and Catering Management. The Catering Prep Cook will also assist with prep work for the Lunda Room. General responsibilities will include, but are not limited to preparing all aspects of catering menu items, assisting with presentations, following food and physical safety guidelines and effectively communicating within the department. The candidate must be able to multi task, adapt to change, work in a fast paced, diverse environment, display professionalism at all times and have previous prep or cooking experience.

Catering Utility

The Catering Utility position will report directly to Catering Management and Student Managers. The primary aspect of this position will be to effectively maintain kitchen and catering work areas and equipment for the continued success of catered events. General responsibilities are inclusive but not limited to the following: washing and maintaining food service dishes, stocking food and beverages, helping with event preparation, set up and post event clean up and following food and physical safety guidelines. The candidates must be able to work in a fast paced environment, adapt to change, display professionalism and present organizational and time management skills. Lat evening availability required. Must be available 10 hours per week.

Concessions Staff

Concessions Staff report directly to Catering Management, and Student Managers. Concessions Staff are seasonal and event driven positions responsible for concession services at Valley Fields, the Al McGuire Center, and other areas as needed. Hours are mostly nights and weekends. Responsibilities include: set up and clean up of concession services, efficient customer service, operating registers, following cash handling procedures and food preparation as needed.


Reports directly to Facility Services Manager and AMU Custodian. Student custodians are responsible for emptying trash, touching up restrooms, vacuuming carpets, dusting and mopping floors, and cleaning windows.


Event Management Office Assistant

The Event Management Office Assistant reports to the Associate Director, Event Coordinator and Student Manager. The primary aspect of this position is to make preliminary event reservations for student organizations, University departments and off campus groups. Other responsibilities include assisting customers on the phone and in person with needs related to all aspects of University Event Management operations. Event Management Office Assistants also assist with a variety of projects for full-time staff. Customer service skills, strong communication skills and comfort with various types of software are relevant to success in the position.

Event Management Intern

The Event Management Intern reports to the Associate Director and the supervising Event Coordinator. The primary responsibilities of this position are to assist the event coordinators team, attend planning meetings, assist in event coordination and communication with student organizations, departments and off-campus groups, and update the University’s reservation system (USI) with reservation booking details and notes. The Event Management Intern also assists with a variety of tasks as assigned by the Associate Director and Event Coordinators. Relevant characteristics include strong communication skills, a detail oriented personality, an interest in event planning and an ability to multi-task. Course credit to be discussed per college requirements.

Event Support Staff

The Event Support Staff is an "event-driven" staff that assists with various events throughout campus. The majority of shifts involve staffing the Golden Eagle Express shuttle bus to and from all Men's home basketball games while maintaining order and efficiency. ESS is also responsible for staffing the weekly movies offered at Varsity Theater. Other tasks include working selected dates as coat-checkers or other type of assistants at events held in AMU facilities. Major responsibilities include: selling tickets, setting up the marquee, monitoring the security of the facility, acting as ushers, opening and securing buildings, maintaining the equipment at the Varsity Theatre and Weasler Auditorium, and reporting any difficulties to the Student Managers.

Lunda Room

The Lunda Room staff reports to the Lunda Room Supervisor, Student Manager and Catering Management. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to: greeting customers, providing menu suggestions including daily specials, maintaining a clean and professional service environment, and cash handling. Servers must maintain a high level of customer service. Must be able to lift at least 20 lbs and stand for an extended period of time. Hours of operations are Monday - Friday, 11am - 2pm. (tipped position)

The Lunda Room host/hostess position supervises and coordinates activities so the dining room personnel can provide fast and courteous service to patrons. This position schedules dining reservations, arranges parties or special services for diners, greets guests, escorts guests to tables and provides guests with menus. The host/hostess inspects the dining room serving stations for neatness and cleanliness, and requisitions table linens and other dining room supplies for tables and serving stations. This position may also prepare beverages and expedite food orders and may assist in the clean up and breakdown of the Lunda Room. The host/hostess must maintain a professional and courteous attitude at all times and remember the customer is important. He/she will also perform daily opening and closing cash handling procedures in accordance with policy.

Marketing Design Assistant

Design Assistants create eye-catching promotions and graphic designs for the AMU, Annex and Division of Student Affairs sponsored events. An intermediate level knowledge of Adobe design products (Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign) is required. Office hours are scheduled Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.


Marquette Place Staff Cashier/Food Service Worker

The primary responsibilities of the Cashier/Food Service Worker is to provide the highest quality of service to customers at all times. Responsibilities include all aspects of cash handling, reconciliation as well as service related to areas of serving, replenishing food as well as cleaning and sanitizing work stations and equipment and to follow all Sodexo, client and regulatory rules and procedures. The supervisor may assign other duties as needed.


Security Aides

Security Aides report to the Assistant Director and the Student Managers. Responsibilities include: supervision and monitoring of events and their participants' behavior in the Annex, AMU and Varsity Theatre, as well as dealing with inappropriate alcohol use or use of illegal substances at these events. Security Aides monitor entrances to rooms, prevent people from carrying in packaged liquor of any kind, close entrances when capacity is reached, confront problems (i.e. alcohol carry-ins, those using controlled substances, fights), help set up and take down events and notify a Building Supervisor if a problem is out of control or if Public Safety is needed. 


Tory Hill Cafe Clerk/Catering

Tory Hill Cafe Clerk/Catering student employees will work in the Cafe and Catering events as needed. Shifts are early morning, midday, afternoon and evening/close. Tory Hill student staff will report to the Tory Hill management team which consists of the Cafe Manager, Chef Supervisor and Student Manager. Preferred job skills include: Quick & accurate cash handling, complete menu knowledge, great customer service skills, operation of coffee equipment including making all espresso drinks, working an expo position, knowledge of basic buffet setup, knowledge of basic catering service techniques, knowledge of basic bartending techniques, great sense of urgency, stocking abilities, general food prep, cleaning and dishwashing. Students will adhere to all Cafe policies and procedures and demonstrate excellent food sanitation and physical safety skills. Schedules will be based on student availability and may vary due to business needs. Each student is required to be available for one early morning and one late night shift.


Union Station/Financial Services Assistant

Manage the daily tracking and reconciliation of the overall MarquetteCash account. Prepare periodic and end of month reports and prepare payments for all MarquetteCash accounts, both internal and external. Account for all money being deposited into student, staff, and faculty MarquetteCash accounts from in-person, online and Kiosk transactions. Verify account transactions, ensure appropriate backup and make necessary adjustments. Prepare daily deposits for MarquetteCard Services.

Union Station Counter Associate

Responsible for providing front line customer service which includes the production and distribution of MarquetteCards, U-Passes and name tags and the sale of USPS and UPS shipping services and products. Also includes the accounting of large sums of money, light office work, and the use of specialized computer hardware and software.

University Information Specialists

Information Specialists staff four front desk locations: the Alumni Memorial Union and Zilber Hall. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to - answering questions about Marquette University and Milwaukee both over the phone through the 1-800 Marquette line and in person, forwarding questions to the appropriate source, communicating with other departments within the student union and assisting with the security of the student union by notifying the Building Supervisor of potential problems. Information Center Specialists are expected to be friendly, resourceful, and open to learning. They act as both a knowledge and communications base in all four locations, especially after business hours. The Information Center in the AMU is also the location of Marquette's Lost and Found and where customers can receive vending machine refunds.


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