Program Requirements

To earn the certificate, students must complete 15 graduate credit hours. Four three-credit academic/classroom courses offer concentrated exposure to dispute resolution theory and practice. A three-credit practicum in dispute resolution gives advanced students opportunities to mediate disputes in a variety of settings with the guidance of an experienced faculty mediator.


To earn the certificate in dispute resolution, students must complete 15 credit hours (five courses) of course work. With appropriate approvals, these credits may be applied to other graduate programs.

DIRS 6600 Mediation 3 credits
DIRS 6605 Advanced Mediation 3 credits
DIRS 6610 Dispute Resolution Theory 3 credits
DIRS 6615 Advanced Issues in Dispute Resolution 3 credits
DIRS 6964 Practicum in Dispute Resolution 3 credits


After completing the required 15 credits, students must apply for graduation to receive the certificate. To apply for graduation, contact the Graduate School or call (414) 288-7137. Graduation application deadlines are posted on the main center's news and calendar pages.


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