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Current Projects

Study Title Funding
Neuromuscular Fatigue During Dynamic contraction with Aging in Upper Limb R15 NIA
Brain Activation and Sex Differences with Cognitive Stress during Fatiguing contractions WI Women’s Health Foundation
Brain Activation and the influence of genetic predisposition and strength training on motor control in Old Adults CTSI Small Pilot Grant
Brain Activation During Fatiguing Contractions with Age CTSI (formerly)
Cognitive Stress and Neuromuscular Fatigue with Aging in Lower leg muscles NIOSH (formerly)
The influence of Cognitive Stress and Genetic predisposition to Neuromuscular Fatigue with Aging in the upper limb  
Sex and Age Differences in Marathon Performance  
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Cognitive Stress and Neuromuscular Fatigue in War Veterans CTSI


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