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Faculty Mentoring Circles—Spring 2008 Schedule:

Preparing Your C.V. for Annual Review

Wed., Feb. 28, noon to 1:30, AMU 448

Led by Heather Hathaway, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, and Associate Professor of English. When not serving as a dean, Professor Hathaway, whose doctorate is in American Studies, teaches courses on American, African American, and Ethnic Literature and Studies. See her faculty Web page.

Developing Research Statements: For a Career Focus as Well as Promotion and Tenure

Wed., Mar. 7, 3:00 to 4:15, CU 414

Led by Stephen Merrill, Professor of Mathematics, who served as the MSCS Department rep on the Science and Math Area Promotion and Tenure Committee for the College of Arts and Sciences for ten years, was its chair from 2000–2003, and through that post, served on the University Promotion and Tenure Committee during those years. For more about Steve’s research in various areas of Biomathematics, see his departmental Web page. See how Stephen spends his spare time.

Putting Together a Book Prospectus

Tues., Mar. 27, 12:30 to 1:45, AMU 374

Led by Al Rivero, Professor of English, an 18th century scholar who has published monographs, edited essay collections, and prepared critical editions of important 18th century novels. Click here to visit his departmental Web page.

Recommended: “What Are Book Editors Looking For?” by Dedi Felman, an executive editor at Oxford University Press. In Chronicle of Higher Education, 21 July 2006. This link should work for subscribers and from campus computers or via the VPN. Or use MarqCat, clink on the Chronicle electronic resource, and search the Careers section by author, title, or date.

Preparing for Your First Sabbatical

Wed., April 11, noon to 1:30, AMU 380

Led by Julius Ruff, Professor of History, who is in his third year of service on the University Sabbatical Committee, currently serving as chair. Julius will offer advice about integrating sabbatical work into your long-range research agenda, and, of course, about preparing good sabbatical proposals. His most recent sabbatical was a one-year leave, during which he worked on what subsequently emerged as Violence in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800 (Cambridge University Press, 2001), completing research on the book and writing about 350 typescript pages of an eventual total of 525 pages. His full C.V. is available here.

Marquette's Sabbatical Handbook is available on the Provost's Web site.

Sabbatical Plans are typically due by Oct. 15 of the year before the sabbatical year.

Note: If you will need outside funding so that you can afford a year-long sabbatical, the handbook recommends that you begin your search for funding two years in advance.