Board of Trustees Statement

Board of Trustees

May 2, 2016

Official documents in Associate Professor John C. McAdams proceedings

Marquette Faculty Hearing Committee Final Recommendation

President Lovell's decision letter to Dr. John McAdams

President Lovell's follow-up letter to Dr. John McAdams

April 13, 2016

“The Marquette University Board of Trustees fully appreciates and wholeheartedly respects the seven-member Faculty Hearing Committee’s thoughtfulness and diligence into reviewing the conduct of Professor John McAdams,” said Board Chair John F. Ferraro. “Faculty governance is of the utmost importance to a university’s operations and its character."

"The statutes and processes in place to ensure hearings such as the Professor McAdams hearing are used only in extreme circumstances,” noted Board Vice Chair Owen J. Sullivan. “In this and in all cases, they are carried out with extreme care and fairness."

"The Board of Trustees has discussed this matter with President Michael R. Lovell and the board fully endorses the Faculty Hearing Committee’s unanimous recommendation, and the board fully supports President Michael Lovell’s ultimate decision on this matter,” continued Sullivan.

"I believe unequivocally that this issue is about behavior and the protection of the well-being of our university community,” noted Ferraro. “It’s sad that this issue is being distorted by a few misguided people to be about academic freedom and not what it really is about: inappropriate behavior."