Graduation instructions

Congratulations, you will be graduating soon!

Below you will find instructions and frequently asked questions on the processes involved in applying for graduation at Marquette University. Read this information closely, as it gives you important information, deadlines, and explanations.

When and how should I apply for graduation?

It is each student's responsibility to apply for graduation, and to do so by the deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar. Degree seeking students should apply to graduate via CheckMarq (there is a link that says "Apply for graduation" on the My Academics page in the Student Center).  A graduation application summary page is now available in CheckMarq. This page summarizes the information submitted after you apply for graduation. You will receive an email when your graduation application has been submitted directing you to review and update your information. You may review your application and edit your diploma name, invitee names/addresses and commencement participation choices directly from this page without the need to submit an updated form.

Note: There is a distinct difference between officially graduating and participating in the graduation ceremony. The University holds one commencement ceremony in May, though Ph.D. students are offered a December hooding ceremony. Because there are no August or December ceremonies, some graduates will be permitted to participate in the preceding May's ceremony. In general, master's degree candidates and certificate students expecting to graduate in August may apply to participate in the May ceremony.

Doctoral students cannot participate in a commencement ceremony unless all graduation requirements have been completed by the graduation deadlines specified in the Graduate Bulletin.

What happens after I submit my graduation application?

What is needed for my master's degree thesis submission?

What is needed for my doctoral degree dissertation submission?

How do I submit an electronic thesis or dissertation?

Will I be notified if I will or will not graduate?

What should I do if I am denied for this graduation, but plan to graduate in the future?

Any candidates who are not approved for official graduation must reapply for a future graduation cycle, and they must do so by the appropriate deadline. Students who apply for one graduation and who are denied for whatever reason will not automatically have their applications for graduation carried forward.

After I graduate, how can I get my diploma?

How do I obtain a copy of my Marquette transcript?

Where can I find information about the May commencement ceremony?