These Graduate School online forms may all be found at:

Apply Online (Application for Admission & Financial Aid)
Application for Financial Aid for Admitted Students (i.e. currently enrolled)
Master’s Program Planning Form
Graduation Application
Request to Drop a Course
Continuous Enrollment Form
Master's Degree Transfer of Credit
Permission (for an Undergraduate student) to Enroll in a Graduate Course
Request for an Extension of Time to complete your degree
Dissertation Directives
Outline for Dissertation, Thesis or Professional Project

Graduate Student Handbook

Human Subject information and forms may be found online at the Office of Research Compliance. Important ones are:

The IRB Tutorial – required for all Investigators. After completing the tutorial, bring your certificate of completion to Johnston Hall 112 so a copy can be placed in your permanent file as evidence of completion

IRB Submission Requirements
Informed Consent Guidelines

These College of Communication forms are available for download in PDF format:

Independent Study

Independent Study Approval

Professional Project

Topic and Director Approval
Project Guidelines and Contract

Master's Thesis

Topic and Committee Approval
Thesis Guidelines and Contract