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Take a look at our frequently asked questions about internships on this page, and when you're ready, check out the current internship opportunities.

What is an internship?

An internship is a career development experience that gives you the opportunity to put communication theory into practice in real-life situations. A professional within the industry of your major supervises all internships.

Is an internship required?

Right now, only Advertising and Public Relations majors are required to complete an internship to graduate. However, the Diederich College of Communication strongly encourages students in all majors to complete at least one internship.

How do I know if I’m eligible for an internship?

Internship prerequisites (courses, grade point average and class standing) are set by individual departments. You can find this information on the internship application. 

Where do I find information on internships?

Postings for internships can be found on the Current Opportunities page of our website. The Career Services Center offers internship postings online and at the center, in Holthusen Hall. For even more opportunities, check with faculty members and search the Web sites of professional organizations in your major area of study.

What should I do before I start the internship?

Once you find a business or organization that agrees to host you as an intern, you must get the internship approved in writing by the Diederich College internship coordinator. Follow these steps:

  • Complete the application. Download an application form below, or get one in Johnston Hall 400.
    Summer 2018 Internship Application
  • Spring 2018 Internship Application
  • Have your intended on-the-job supervisor submit a letter on company stationery detailing intern duties and projects, work schedule and total hours to be worked, and consent to complete an evaluation of the intern’s performance.
  • Complete the Internship Goals form for your major. Download them here: ADPR, CCOM, CMST, DGMD, JOUR and THAR.

Do I receive academic credit for an internship?

Yes. The internship is a university course that you can complete during any semester. After you get written approval for the internship, you can register for the course–ADPR 3986, COMM 4986, CMST 4986, DGMD 3986, JOUR 3986 or THAR 4986.

An internship may be worth one, two or three credits, depending on the number of established hours per week. For information on the maximum number of credits you may receive for your internship work, see your adviser or Internship Director Sheena Carey.

If you already have three credits but want another professional learning experience, you may be approved for a zero-credit internship. This ensures that your internship appears on your transcript.

Do I pay tuition for an internship?

Yes, just as you pay tuition for other credit hours. The tuition is charged during the semester you complete your internship. Credits for internship experience cannot be deferred.

Are there class meetings and assignments for an internship?

You are required to attend several seminars throughout the semester, keep a weekly journal and, depending on your major, complete a final paper or project. Students who intern during the summer session have regular telephone conferences with the Diederich College internship coordinator.

Can the internship count for honors credit?

Students in the university Honors Program can complete an internship for honors credit. The co-directors of the Honors Program, not the Diederich College, approve honors credit.

Who do I talk to about internships?

First, meet with your adviser to discuss when an internship best fits into your overall graduation plans. Then meet with the Diederich College internship coordinator for an application.

The Diederich College of Communication internship director is:
Sheena M. Carey
Johnston Hall, Room 404
(414) 288-7026

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